Basketball True/False for Dudley

This thread is for you, DD. I’m guessing there are lots of inquiring minds that want to pick your brain.

  • You think Vanover will be a Hog next season.
  • Notae is attending classes and maintaining academics, just in case.

Good questions

Notae & Vanover are roommates too, correct?

My question about Notae is this…he didn’t come here as a grad transfer. He was an underclassman. Assuming he has possibly graduated, does he even have to be enrolled in classes at this point? How does this work?

I thought a grad transfer had to take at least 3 hrs per semester.

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He had to be enrolled in classes, undergrad or grad, to play in the spring semester. Certainly he could withdraw after the season if he were going to leave, or he might not care, just stop going and take his Fs.

As of today with the normal warning of things being fluid

  1. Yes

  2. Honestly, I don’t know because it is harder to gauge and get accurate info on that these days.

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