Basketball Transfers??

I know nobody is going to be able to confirm… but as you can expect with a team full of freshmen and sophomores… I’ve always imagined that there would be some turnover after this season.

I’ve heard rumors of a few guys that are rumored to be transfers this year…

I’ve heard rumors of a few… Of course… you know how rumors are… but last year when I heard them, they turned out to be true and at the time when I heard them, they made absolutely no sense to me …

-Chaney (if true, this would really hurt. his body language has been pretty bad the last half of the year… maybe I’m reading to much into it after I heard the rumor)
-Mason Jones (this one doesn’t make any sense to me… so I’m Skeptical)
-Keyshawn Embry (haven’t really heard rumor on him, but with the emergence of Desi Late, and Justice Hill coming in… I could see where he’d consider it).

All those could hurt if true … even Keyshawn… he was (besides Mason later in season) the only decent shooting coming off bench…

The best thing to do is not even think about until Dudley or Richard post a story about a transfer! There are always rumors that normally start off the 247 board!
I hope none of the players you’ve mentioned go anywhere!

If it helps, Mason Jones told Kevin McPherson he wasn’t going anywhere. Then Mason tweeted he wasn’t going anywhere. So, I think Mason will be here next year.

If we’re going to sign anyone else we have to have some departures. Justice is getting Phillips’ scholarship, and Gafford is gone. Beyond that, somebody has to leave, and it looks like Garland may not be one of the departures. Will they go because they want to go or because Mike advises them to seek other opportunities? We shall see.

I don’t believe that John Holmes will be on scholarship next year. That would free up another scholarship,if he isn’t.

Holmes has the scholarship that will go to Hill.

I hope the core group of Joe, Chaney, Sills, Ethan, KES, Ali and Jones stay together for 3 years. They have a chance to do something special and what Tennessee did by Joe’s junior year, regardless of who the coach is.