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Yeah, I know it’s still way early and the season is just now heating up. But I was just wondering who we have our eyes on for the spring. Assuming Nick, Trevon, AB, and say two others are gone from this team, any names either in High School, JUCO, or even the portal we are looking at. I know your not supposed to be looking at other teams guys, but everybody is doing it. We need guys who can shoot the rock or create their own shot. We need scoring.

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I believe Muss indicated after Blocker and Fall signed in November that they would be the only high school signees in the next class.

If so, that means it will be all transfer portal to finish the class. The spring signing date will be irrelevant.

Thanks. But I believe there’ll be some High Schoolers and JUCO guys Muss will be looking at. Not everyone signs in the fall. Some are waiting to see if they make their grades. It will be interesting to see who in the portal Muss will target when it opens. A pure shooter, a scorer and Power Forward is what this team needs to get to the next level.

Don’t think so

Agree with Ag. No more freshman this year and never again will he sign 6 in a class.

As a longshot, Ron Holland might be the only other HS recruit considered … the transfer portal has all but ended any JUCO recruiting by Power 6 schools … we won’t hear about transfer possibilities until players actually enter the portal


Missouri signed Isiah Mosley out of Springfield last year. Recently he has showed why he led the Missouri Valley in scoring. Umulde came out of the Valley. I would like to get more available top players from that league.

Good info, but just to be accurate, Umude (USD) played in the Summit League.

I am not quite sure that Trevon will be leaving. I can see him coming back another year, especially to be sure knee ok. 2 others I am not certain are ready are Walsh and Council but who knows with the NBA and how they project players. Walsh continues to improve but I feel he could use 1 more year.

I can see Muss hitting portal hard for 2-3 players for sure.

My bad. I know he came from South Dakota. It is Summit

You guys make great points about taking too many freshmen in today’s basketball environment. But do you really say no to a 5 star like Holland if he falls in your lap? No, you don’t. But your right when you say we need more experienced guys from the portal.

Bet it’s more than 2 or 3 from portal.

Muss has made it clear he had too many freshmen this season. It was very frustrating to him. Too much player development required So, unless Ron Holland falls in his lap, no more high schoolers. And I am not seeing any encouraging signs in Holland changing his mind.

As far as Jucos, did Muss sign any at Nevada?

Shawntrez Davis

Eric Parrish

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