Basketball skills

Loyola had a bunch.

Illini had nun.

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OMG man where do you come up with all these??? From poetry to puns whats next?? :rofl:

Love the pun, but Illinois has plenty of skills.

They just didn’t show up ready for the challenge today and never could overcome Loyola’s disciplined, old-school approach.

Loy-Chi kept running the same 3-4 plays over and over and the Illini never did seem to adjust and stop them. That big man for Loy-Chi… he was awesome with his play. Fantastic passer, fought hard on the boards, full of energy and passion, and clutch scorer. He definitely won the battle of the big men. Made the Illini big man look like all he had was “muscle it up” skill.

Loyola-Chicago is going to be a handful.

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