Basketball signees this spring?

Do we still expect 2-3 more?

Three minimum. Possibly 4-5.

I’ll go with 4-5.

Are you guys talking for upcoming 2019 season or 2020?

So that means some transferring is about to go down…

Not confirmed, but likely.

I suspect 1 small guard and a forward at a minimum.

So is Harris going to Europe, Hill to St. John’s, or Sills to JC? Is one of those the small guard? Which forward is rumored to be gone?

Lot of rumors. None substantiated. Heard Sills, Joe (now hearing Joe is staying), Hill, Harris, Gabe, Bailey (Grad Transfer), Ibby. Also heard at one point Mason Jones and Chaney (now hearing both are definitely staying and Chaney is the one holding the team together, if true, I know at least one “media” guy that’s gonna be upset).

To go along with: Gafford (NBA), Garland (medical), KES (Transfer), Phillips (Transfer - given to Holmes, who is going back to walk-on status).

Thanks. When is the deadline for going into the grad transfer portal or is there one?

Honestly, don’t know. I’d assume they can enter and transfer all the way up to the two weeks of Aug 12-26 (I’m assuming all schools start their fall semester within those two weeks)

I worry about Hill the most. St. John’s needs a PG and Hill can be eligible immediately there

I don’t. Now of course I could be wrong, but his father is pretty close to him and has probably been looking forward to the day of watching him play in person. I think both are all Hog.

I’m just basing it on the ‘Want list’ offers out list.

There is just not enough room for the guys they really have a good shot at and guys they apparently want.

I think the team will look very different next season.

Chaney is staying put. Hearing he thinks CEM is fantastic at teaching the fundamentals of the game. Be shocked if Joe goes anywhere, Sills too. My guess is 2 of the interior guys (not named Chaney) and maybe a forward.

Some schools don’t have semesters. They have quarters, each lasting about 10 weeks, and the fall quarter starts in late September. Quarters seem to be more popular on the west coast; Molester State and Nike U are both on the quarter system, as are UCLA and Stanford (however, La Tech is also a quarters school). I looked up the academic calendar at Nike U. The Ducks started the 2018 fall quarter September 24, finals in early December. Winter quarter started January 7; finals were at the end of March. Spring started April 1, ends June 17. Summer starts June 24, ends September 13.

I think the transfer portal is open year round. Kelly Bryant quit the Clemson team September 26 and went into the portal.

I expect Arkansas to sign 2 more to go along with Hill and Cylla

What are we looking for? It appears to be Sy, another big guard/wing and then best player available. I think we are okay with a regular redshirt guy if it’s the right guy like LJ Figueroa.

Looks and sounds to me like Sy and the best player or best 2 players available.

You say you expect the Hogs to sign two more but, above, you seem to think there may be three more. Is that a possible additional transfer that you think might happen?