Basketball season ticket sales

Is there any information available on season ticket sales and how it compares to last season?

According to a friend at the RazFdn the renewal % was very high.

I’ll try to get some info on that this week.

Renewal % has generally been high in recent years. People usually don’t give up their seats and priority level. I was wondering if new season ticket sales have been made because of the coaching change.

When I got my turn to upgrade my season tickets this year, there were no better seats remaining. I sit on the 7th row behind the rail, 2 sections from the center court. On the first day of upgrading there were several hundred better seats to choose from.

So I am confused, in first sentence it says “no better seats remaining.” In last sentence says “several hundred better seats to chose from.” Which is it?

You can log on and view available seating as soon as the online upgrade process begins. At that time there were hundreds of very good seats available. But you can’t actually choose your seats until your appointment time (which is assigned by donor level and point total within your level). Seems like the appointment times are spread out over a week or 10 days, and they start with the higest donor levels first. Any and all fans above you on the donor totem pole will have the opportunity to select seats before your appointment time–and all you can do is watch those seats disappear until your appointment time rolls around.