Basketball season ticket holders

I’m buying tickets this year for the first time in 25 years. What does it cost ballpark? Difference in cost between lower and upper levels. I will follow up with the ticket office, just curious about everyone’s experience.


Its been about ten years since I had season tickets so I can’t speak to price, but for the first six years we had tickets we were up top about the freethrow line three rows from the front. I loved those tickets. Sight lines for the court were great. We got the chance to buy “Endzone” seats about ten rows from the court and had those for the last three years before we moved to Austin and they were also great. Basically unless you go all the way to the top I don’t think there is a really bad seat in the house.

I pay $450 a seat. Section 122

Season tickets in the upper deck are cheaper than downstairs. There’s also some kind of plan where you get in the building but where you’ll sit varies from game to game so it’s not a conventional season ticket.

I made the deposit ($300 per) which pays for upper deck tickets. If I want them in the lower deck I have to an extra $150.

In the lower bowl, the seats are $450 per, plus at least a $100 donation to the foundation. Comes with a parking pass. The higher the donation, the better the seats.

Not sure what the cost for the upper deck is, maybe $300 a seat and no requirement for a donation.

I don’t know the details of the plan Swine mentioned, but I do know that the past several years they’ve offered “mini-plans” of five games or so just before the season starts. There’s no real discount per seat from single games, but you just don’t have to commit to every game and don’t have to make a donation to get them.

I’ve had season tickets for four years now, since my youngest graduated HS. Before that we just bought the mini-plans for several years because we were so busy with school sports, etc.

I bought the Tusk Mobile pass last year.
You are emailed tickets at least 48 hours before each game.
They are different places. Usually the seats were behind the goal or upper deck corner.
However, I could usually sit in any section I wanted.
Came with parking in Lot 56.
Don’t remember the exact cost, but it came out to be about $8 per game.
Loved the deal and hope they do it again.

102 Row f sedat 1 and 2 … Donation 660 bucks and 900 for the seats .

This would be year 33 or 34 but I’m on a fixed income and may drop them.

It’s crazy I have to pledge and pay now.

That’s continuing this year, but at a higher cost. It was $159 last season; $225 this season.

Why don’t you check into the option listed by docestes above?

Get with docestes and share the costs, guaranteeing him so many games. Your seats are better than his most likely. You both win.