Basketball season could start earlier

If passed, this proposal would mean basketball season could begin as early as Nov. 5 some years: … 93776852=1

It already starts too early.

Agreed. Football is in the final third of its regular-season. While there’s always overlap in seasons, it’s hard to turn attention to basketball so early, but the NCAA will do what the NCAA will do.

I still think basketball should be a second semester sport, start in December and finish in late April. But that ain’t happening.

Comments : For me personally Basketball couldn’t start soon enough. I just don’t see our football club out performing the upper tier teams within our conference, it would be nice if they prove my gut feelings wrong (boost my interest). Again, we will settle somewhere within the lower tier of SEC teams, yet still receive some sort of a bowl bid.

I tend to section sports off. Baseball plays approximately 60 regular-season games, so I’ll try to watch all of the conference games (as available) and a few non-conference games. Basketball plays 30 or so regular-season games and try to watch everything from late December-on (obviously, the Nike event probably changes that habit this coming season). Football plays 12 regular-season games and I watch all 12 of them. Of course, I watch all postseason games of all three sports as possible (Sundays are not good days for a pastor to plan to watch anything). To me, football is a premium because of the fewer games, even if we’re 0-11 going into the finale. Basketball is next because it has fewer than baseball. But that’s just me. Everybody has their likes and dislikes.

It’s really hard to get people to show up for basketball games until after football season.

I like a little overlap of basketball and football. I always make it a point to come up for a November Friday night basketball game, stay overnight, and watch the football game Saturday. Seems like we usually have at least one of those each season. I do that even if it’s just an exhibition basketball game.

I don’t think it has anything to do with football. If we played KY or Duke November 1st, the place would be sold out. And if we are playing Syracuse Jan 1 th place will be sold out. Given the non conference practice schedule in November and December our fans look elsewhere for entertainment. The fb stadium isn’t as full either as the season goes along.

I agree that if you had marquee games in November that people would show up.

But there is a vast difference in playing Duke instead of Sam Houston State.

Those match-ups tend to happen in Maui, San Juan, etc.

I’m okay if it starts earlier