Basketball rules question

Davonte Davis took a shot from the corner, missed it, rebound picked up by WV. Davis was out of bounds when he reached and knocked the ball out of WV player’s hands. Davis grabbed the ball when he reestablished himself inbounds and scored. Since Davis was out of bounds when he touched the ball, would it not be a dead ball? Similar play happened in a football game with a defender stripping the ball from a runner while the defender was out of bounds and the defense got the fumble.

I missed that play, but if it happened as you describe it, the ref also missed it.

Should be if it happened that way
I couldn’t tell from my seat if he touched it while OOB
Ref may have missed it

Yeah, hard to tell on TV. It looked weird, but no whistle, so play on.

One of the few plays they didn’t blow the whistle on!


It happened right in front of the ref.

Was it not a back court by WV also? Right in front of the ref.

What I can’t stand about officiating is they can’t officiate the same way the whole game…

In the first half they were letting the guys play a little bit, which is the way I prefer it.

The second half they were calling these little dinky pinky fouls which totally kill the flow of the game… nobody came to watch you blow the whistle, there’s going to be a little contact, let them play for 40 minutes not 20!

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I think some refs think they’re paid by the foul.


Did it happen right in front of you? If not, maybe the ref saw he wasn’t out of bounds. If you were right there and saw he was out of bounds then the ref missed it. I was there and thought it was close. I thought Devo def went out of bounds at some point but thought it was between touching it loose and getting the ball. But I was 150 ft away

The ref pointed to the floor inbounds indicating he thought his foot was in. From the view on TV, obviously hard to tell. Devo did sort of jump and slap a couple times. I don’t think his feet have to be established back inbounds to try and knock it away because another player had possession.

It was on the end line under the basket.

I rewound on tv a few times and Devo was out of bounds when he hit the ball out of his hands.

I just saw the play again, Devo’s foot was on the line. Ref missed it.

Should have been blown dead and ruled WVU’s ball.

Win some and you lose some (calls), I’m sure we will get payback.

No it was not.
A player is not in the front court until both feet AND the ball are across the line.

You can straddle the line and then go back

Crowd always roars when this happens, but they don’t understand the rule


The play I’m talking about happened on the end line under the basket not at mid court!!

Not sure, but I think that signal meant that he had re-established himself inbounds before he touched the ball. Don’t believe it was about if he was or was not out of bounds and touched it previously. I think it’s likely the ref missed that part. A lot happened in a very short period of time.

I also saw the backcourt that WVA got away with. Ref was 6-8 feet away and appeared to be looking right at the ball-handler.

I was answering someone’s comment about a mid court violation