Basketball recruits

I may be the only one, but I think D. Ford is being a bit overlooked in looking forward. From the beginning of the recruiting cycle, I have been excited about his prospects as a Hog. Seems to be a winner and what I read about him reminds me of a Barford/Beck type of player. I have not seen him play, so I am sure I have filled in a lot of the blanks with what I envision for him. Know he is not a classic point guard, but if we miss on AB, I wonder how he fills this need.

I would say more athletic Beck type with Barford size and the ability to score at all three levels.


Wow, Dudley, that’s significant projection. Watching his play form the last couple of years, it seems to me he is a top 25 player. Coach Muss is going to have a blast with this next team.
Slice and dice time.

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