Basketball Recruiting

We have several recruits playing for the 16yr. Wings Woodz team in the Peach Jam this week. Do you have any information on the schedule of their games? Thanks
Also, any idea relative to which Hawg coaches plan to attend?

EYBL website that lists the Peach Jam teams, schedule, etc.

Action begins today.

Arkansas’ coaches are sure to watch the Woodz and Bradley Beal Elite. Just got back to work today and will be keeping an eye on it.

Writing a column right now and then will turn my attention to that later today and put up more details.

Here’s the overall website:

The 16 year old action:

Much appreciated Dudley !!

Doakes isn’t playing with Woodz Elite anymore? wonder whats up with that?

They’ll see the Arkansas teams and kids along with some of the 19 kids that have been discussed and several others.

The events they’ll be attending. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=19558