Basketball Recruiting Philosophy

I wonder why basketball doesn’t try to do some of the similar things that seem to be working for our football recruiting.

It seems like they try to get large number of unofficial visits by hosting a BarBq or something to get large numbers of unofficial visits.

Why wouldn’t he open practices to high school coaches/players like football has?

Nolan said his main recruiting tool was inviting players to his house and hang out together.

It seems like half the battle in recruiting is getting them on campus and the more creative ways of doing this seems to work.

Do other basketball programs do anything like this?

Maybe we are doing this but I’m just unaware.

I’ll sit back and listen.


Arkansas has had elite camps for a long time and any high school coach and prospect are invited to watch practice.

Many teams bring their whole squads.

As for the one summer Bar-be-que that football has done, it’s just practical because of the AAU circuit and recruiting dates.

Now that some things are easing up in terms of NCAA mandated coach-attended events, it might be an option in the future, albeit on a much smaller basis.

We don’t do a very good job promoting the program in my opinion. If you look at the top 100 prospects for 2019 and 2020 you’ll only see Arkansas mentioned two times. It’s no wonder recruiting is so difficult.

Just ask yourself if Darius Hall would have helped this years hogs team?
Then consider Garland?
What a huge difference 2 players could have made. So it’s not just recruiting.
Sometimes it’s bad luck and negative influence from the outside.

If i had one gripe about Mike is that he really isn’t involved on twitter. He only follows seventy folks. IMO He needs to follow all recruits that he’s interested in. That video they did for Jimmy Whitt’s commit was a complete failure and totally nerdy.

I wish they’d hire someone to work the graphic side like the football guys do. Be active on Social Media, be heard Mike.

Rant over back to loving Mike.

Might be a good idea if coach A hires a PA person for graphics on tops recruits etc being active on social media helps these days

Totally agree.

Chris, you guys knew exactly what I meant! You just explained it better.

Whew…don’t get me started… :slight_smile:

Whew…don’t get me started… :slight_smile:

From what I understand, video and graphics for all sports are done by a single Marketing Department in the Athletic Department. Individual sports don’t have individual media and marketing departments. And I am sure more money is allocated to football than any other sport.

As far as Twitter, Mike is old school and I agree he needs to move into 21st century.

However TJ and Melvin Watkins do follow all the kids. Not sure about Scotty.

I, too, have had many of the same thoughts about men’s basketball learning from our football team when it comes to recruiting. I know that some other sports are doing well, but what if there was a coordinated effort to share what is working well across all the sports, men and women? If there are areas that need to beef up to provide adequate coverage, then provide an efficient way to make good things happen.

According to comments here, it seems that those outside the system do not know much about how this part of the overall sports program is handled. Maybe some of the more positive and proactive comments will be useful. WPS!

That’s not the case. Morris hired all if those folks that do it for football.

CMA just doesn’t believe in modern marketing.

i have complained about andersons marketing from day one. there is no excitement at the beginning of every season. no access to reporters. no open practices. nolan orchestrated with our pep band. it was fun to watch. if anderson would get a technical foul now and again, fans would love it. if your getting your backside handed to you, why not get a technical to get the fans on your side. marketing. we seem stuck in the ice age as far as basketball recruiting. we used to get basketball practice updates from don o. we get nothing now. he is not allowed access. why not send cleveland, watkins, or thurman out for press conferences during the season. we might stink in football, but at least we get to hear our offensive and defensive coordinator speak at times. i don’t think I’ve ever heard any of those coaches speak about progress, or what they are doing, fans think, are they doing anything knowing they are working hard but you never hear it. ever seen any coach interviewed after practice? if you want a brand, you have to market it. i personally don’t do twitter or facebook or any of that stuff, but the kids are all on it. morris has embraced it, anderson seems stuck in his ways.

rant over. but im glad someone brought it up…

Maybe that Mike does not have the money that football has???

Well, you need to educate me then. I had asked this question of the Athletic Department when this subject was brought up a year or two ago. Maybe it was you who brought this up. I was told there is a single Marketing Department and they have a budget for each sport. And yes, a coach can request things to be done and if the budget allows, they will do it. Of course, football gets the lion’s share of the budget.

Are you saying Morris now has his own staff for some of this? who has Morris hired? If true, someone needs to follow up with questions to Mike as to why he hasn’t done the same. Is it because he hates modern marketing as you state or is it because they won’t provide that in his budget.

It takes literally zero dollars to do some of the marketing and recruit outreach that the football staff does. The tweeting, the mock ups, etc, don’t cost a thing, just some effort.

While that maybe true, they are paying someone for that effort.

A lot of the stuff a lot of you are talking about is marketing stuff that will help fan support and fan interest. For sure. No doubt about that. And our media should ask Mike Anderson about that, so we can understand his marketing philosophy and if he feels any constraints to it. I would love for us to get some facts. I respect posters like RazorAg, but I would love to get verification of that. Only people like Dudley and Scottie can get us that.

Back to the original question of recruiting philosophy, the marketing stuff will help some, but I don’t know how much. Recruiting is about player evaluation, building relationship and wanting to play for the head coach and his system, location of the school and academic standing of the school.

A coach can’t do much about location and academic standing of the school. As far as player evaluations and relationships, I hope they are doing that. Other than few (who were mostly 13th schollie or schollies given just to have warm bodies), I don’t see many misses. Given that, to me our recruiting today is hampered by two things and the first issue can overcome the second issue easily.

The first issue is Arkansas cannot leverage their recruiting of the National championship and the Nolan golden years. Our Administration took care of that in 2001, seventeen years ago. As many point out, our current recruits were not even born then. So, until Mike makes a deep run into NCAAT, Arkansas does nit stack up well against elite schools for 5 stars and high 4 stars, who have so many choices. And by deep run, I mean Final Four. Sweet 16 is nothing, it just helps to debate whether coach should be fired.

Second issue is bypassing recruits who have some academic liability and character issues. You can just tell by the recruits we sign what they are looking for. Kids like Qualls and Bailey were valedictorians at their school with outstanding GPAs. I think they are so spooked by APR probation that they just don’t get into the game with a lot of recruits or move on from them once they do some digging.

As I said if we take care of the first issue, second issue becomes a non-factor. Because there is enough talent out there to draw from, with good academic standing and character.

Another issue of course us the cheating issuecand rhat is too murky to address.

Having said this, I just have this feeling that being under intense pressure, looking at who they are recruiting now, that they may be flirting with the second issue. I hope they are careful.