Basketball recruiting notes

Arkansas is looking at all levels for bigs for the 2019 class. They could add one or two in the class.

They’re looking at possible grad-transfers, junior college, prep and high school bigs.

There are looking at possibilities at other positions but they’re definitely focusing on big men.

Thanks RD.

I’m really coveting Hawkins. He reminds me of Zach Randolph. Not really a physical specimen to look at but savvy and strong.

Good comparison, I didn’t even think of that, but yea their body type and the way they move and kinda play below the rim is similar.

They need big and bigs that are willing to spend time in the weight room. It’s sad to see how our players just get pushed around

From what I have heard on radio from Pat Bradley, they have tried to bulk up Gafford. His body is just not cooperating. There are people who cannot put on weight regardless how much and what they eat,

If we fix the problem with 4 and 1 and make them scoring threats, they won’t push Gafford around as much.

Richard, who did we sign in the fall to be on campus next season to help replace Daniel Gafford and to improve our front court? I know Justiss Hill is here, but who else? Thanks.

They have only signed Justice Hill.

They are looking at several players for the spring, including several bigs.

Here’s a list: