Basketball recruiting 2017

Are we set with the roster we have now for next year, or are we looking at possible grad transfers now that Hazen is leaving?

As Coach Anderson noted, he is always recruiting when there is a spot available and this time is no different.

But they will not add somebody just to add a body. It would have to be somebody that could definitely break the rotation.

A graduate transfer would be nice, especially a big one that could play the 4 of 5.

Here is a list of grad transfers: … -available

I’ve read that they won’t add anyone to the class unless he can make a impact.

In saying this their are rumors of something behind the scenes but the stars have to align first.

I did not hear Mike say “make an impact”. I remember Mike saying if they sign someone, it is someone that sticks with the team, in other words, not bail out after one year like Hazen because of lack of PT. This means he is looking for someone that will develop over a year or two. SCA forward Gabe Osabuohien comes to mind

You both are right.

“I never stop recruiting, so as we move forward my staff and I are seeking and trying to find some guys that can impact,” Anderson said. “One thing you don’t want to do is bring somebody in here and all the sudden it’s the same thing, it’s a revolving door, they come here and they leave. So if it’s going to be someone, it’s going to be the right person.”