Basketball Projected 2018 Line-Up

PG - Harris/Embrey
SG - Jones/Joe/Sills
SF - Hall/Phillips
PF - Bailey/Chaney/Gabe
C - Gafford/Henderson

If Garland were to get cleared, that adds another combo guard to the line-up that could play any of the guard positions. That’s a really talented team. Question will be their youth as they won’t have one senior on the roster.

The best part is the flexibility the future roster gives you. Embery, Sills and Phillips can play the one. Joe will play a lot of point this year for Northside so you might be able to add him in there too. Embrey, Joe, Sills, Jones and Phillips can play the two.

I really think people are totally underestimating Phillips as a one and a two. What I saw in Vegas is a guy that can play both. Arkansas thinks the same.

RD, is Chaney/Henderson an upgrade over Thomas/Cook?

Chaney has a mature body with very good athletic ability with the ability to score. He’s a guy that won’t venture too far away from the from his 8-10 feet comfort zone. He’s an upgrade. Henderson is a very athletic and a quick leaper, but is limited offensively. I think he’s an upgrade because of physical ability.

That lineup looks good! Although, I think Gabe O will be 2nd in line at the PF spot. He’s shown a lot, IMO, just in these first couple of scrimmage/exhibition games. He’s not scared at all and has good instincts, and he can really help on the defensive end. I imagine he’ll be significantly better this time next year. With Chaney I think what we’ll see is probably a combination of him playing both 4 and the 5, kinda how Trey Thompson is used now.

Lineup versatility should be a strength. Lot of interchangeable parts, especially with Phillips and Hall. There still isn’t a stretch 4 on the roster, which they definitely want to have, but I think both of those guys will be able to guard 4s, which means Mike could play mismatches. That could be pretty salty, especially if Phillips can take on a primary ballhandling role.

It will be interesting to see where scoring comes from and who steps up. There isn’t one guy that jumps out as a sure thing as far as creating his own offense at a high level. A few of these guys will need to ‘pop’ and make a jump. Maybe Phillips can do that some. I really like Joe’s game and obviously I’ve been high on C.J. Harris will need to show he can be aggressive on a consistent basis looking for his own shot as well as distributing.

Embery is a scorer

I would expect CJ Jones to lead us in scorning next year, probably averaging close to 15 PPG. Daniel Gafford should also be ready to average a double/double next year. I’d expect those guys to be the 1, 2 punch in scoring next year, with everyone else kinda having their nights and contributing.

I can easily see nights when Bailey, Hall, Henderson and Cheney score more than 8 points in our up and down fastest 40 pace And I’m pretty sure our guards are going to be able to dish out a lot alley oops
Bailey could be double double machine if he develops all season at same pace as last year and no reason Gafford can’t do that with ease if he comes back we are talking nba talent here.
Then you have to think jones and Joe can spread the floor as well as anyone with the 3ball
Surely embry, Harris, Phillips or Sills emerge as a double threat drive and dish and get buckets.
This year is going to be just as exciting as well when you think about all this young potential having the opportunity to develop with the Macon Barford leadership. These two want to win more than any player I remember in a while. They are going to push everybody to the limit this year. And everybody hating on treys weight has to ask, u think they let him have a cakewalk in the off season or what? This team runs no joke. He will have to step aside if he can’t keep up, but we know this whole team can go hard they don’t slow down fo anybody. I’m betting 4 years of this has got trey tougher than u think. Ain’t nothing wrong with that mans body I’m glad he gained weight, if true. U got to have that big O/Dwight Stewart type when the game/season hits a little ugly rough patch on the road in sec. he was never going to jump like dan G he’s better off with a big body to fill the paint when Gafford gets in foul trouble. 2017-18 could be stronger than 18-19 but sure is nice to lose 6 vets and think there is maybe no drop off with the freshman, if they stay a couple years we can start thinking about expecting final fours again

PG - Harris/Embrey/Hill
SG - Jones/Joe/Sills
SF - Hall/Phillips
PF - Bailey/Chaney/Gabe
C - Gafford/Henderson

What are the chances we go 2 years with no surprise roster turnover? Or only good surprises like Gafford staying around? :shock: I hope we start to make it real fun for these kids in the bud starting this year. Maybe everybody will get excited to keep it rolling.

I do want to say I love to see you guys talking hoops. It helps me understand the game and our players better.


First team

Second team

Yeah, I should’ve mentioned him. Really like his combination of athleticism and scoring instincts. He looks like he can get his shot off the dribble really well, which is valuable. If his scoring translates and he is someone who can create his own offense, I’d think he’d have a sizable role from the get-go.

I could see both scenarios happening. C.J. has the shooting ability and Daniel has the ability to use his athleticism to score without necessarily having offense run for him.

My point was more about having guys, like Barford and Macon now, who can create their own shot at a high level. You can’t really throw the ball to and say go get me a bucket at this point. They mostly depend on other guys to set them up. Obviously 2018-19 is a ways off and they have time to develop and that’s why I’m interested to see who pops.

As RazorAg said, Embery seems to have the scoring instincts to maybe be that kind of guy. A better collection of passers would obviously also help.

From scouting reports and highlights, Keyshawn looks like the guy who likes create his own shot.

Yeah, RazorAg pointed that out, too. You guys are right, he slipped my mind. Really like his game.