Basketball Pro Day

Last Tuesday (October 5th) was Pro Day. I just watched the report on Hogs Plus (apologies if this has already been reported). Absolutely fascinating.

So, Coach and his staff brainstormed what they would want to see if they were personally evaluating for an NBA team. Then they reached out to all 30 NBA teams and asked what specifically do you want to see in a workout? They then took all that info and constructed a 105 minute practice for the respective scouts in attendance. (The report didn’t specify how many teams were represented last Tuesday).

These players then worked out for and got exposed to multiple scouts simultaneously (I realize NBA team reps visit practice from time to time, but this was constructed with them in mind). Now they have opportunity to get feedback from specific teams.

I’d imagine other coaches with (or even without) NBA backgrounds have similar pro days. But it’s nice to see what we have on our side these days.

I’ll be surprised if Coach Musselman doesn’t eventually bring a 2nd natty banner to BWA.


He totally understands college basketball. His NBA experience and his ability to explain and execute that style of play certainly appeals to the top recruits. Both high school and transfer players love his space and pace offense and his aggressive man to man defense. The NBA scouting reports and NBA style practices and drills give his players a chance to experience a NBA environment while still in college. The Pro Day, built with Input from NBA teams, is just one more example of how his NBA background puts his players in the most favorable position to make the move to pro ball.

Muss is an extremely hard worker who demands maximum effort from his players, coaching staff and support personnel. The players love playing for him and fan support is quickly growing. Our basketball team is in good hands with Muss.


I believe there were 20 teams represented there. Couldn’t be happier with all the coaches we have on The Hill, but especially Muss.

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