Basketball Practices

Any updates or observations? Does Muss open his practices to the public, or at least to the media?

I had the opportunity to watch some of Nolan’s practices and it was at least as entertaining as the games, and probably more intense. I assume Muss’s practices are closed since we aren’t really hearing anything…?

The first practice was open, and of course the Red-White Game, but that is all. Scottie wrote observation pieces from both.


Hearing rumor that Trey Wade will be available for Mercer game. Great news if true. Anyone else hearing this?


Muss announced his injury around 9/28 and said that recovery was 4-6 weeks. The Mercer game is exactly 6 weeks from 9/28. Plus, I think he participated in the Red-White shoot around. Sounds like it is likely that he’ll be ready by 11/9. I assume it will depend on how long he’s been able to practice at full speed.

I now see that Scottie has posted some Muss comments that indicate Wade may be ready for Mercer.

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