Basketball Parking Question

Got my parking passes in. I am in 74B. I found that on the SMALL map on the back of the pass (boy, don’t they know us old folks can’t read that even with glasses? Took a picture with my phone and blew it up!) Anyway, I can’t find anything that shows the pregame and post game traffic flow. Surely that is on the web somewhere and I am just being stupid!

Any help would be appricated!

I don’t know of anywhere that illustrates traffic flow. I park in 74B for football. Give me a call tomorrow and I can give you some tips that should get you out pretty quick.

If you have been to a football game, basketball game traffic is a breeze compared to that, even for sold out games. Come 30 minutes early and you will have no problem.

Depending on which way you head after game to get home, I would go through the neighborhood to either Wedington Dr. or MLK to hit interstate.

If you’re coming from I-49/MLK, take a left at the light on Sang, go up the hill, follow it on the right hand turn, next T, turn left on Cross follow it to Nettleship, then left on Graham. I realize that sounds complicated, but once you do it, you’ll see that it’s really simple and the turns are following the road for the most part.

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My football parking is exactly where GregHog is going to park tomorrow. What you described is exactly how I get in and out of that parking lot. It works so well that I bypass most of the traffic congestion.

Yep, seems like more and more are using it too, lol. As they’ve built so many apartments and townhouses along the route the past 10 years, it’s been a little more challenging with people parking on the side of the road. There won’t be the traffic for basketball games.

Trying to remember, you take a right on Nettleship from Cross, right?

Nope, I take a left on Cross and it just turns to the right and becomes Nettleship.

Oh yeah. I do this from memory without looking at street names. As you said, once you do it a few times, car just tuns at the right time and right place.

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