Basketball parking passes

Has anyone gotten their basketball parking pass yet?

I haven’t. I haven’t got my tickets yet either

Yeah, tickets were there one day last week, gone again yesterday. I hope they know we have an exhibition game next Sunday.

Yes sir.

No. No tickets either.

I assume the tickets are this late due to the 2 exhibition games being just finalized a couple days ago. Those games are part of the season ticket package.

Well, they were listed in my app, along with the other regular season games the other day.

Parking passes will be mailed out before the Mercer game on Nov 9th, that was the response I got today from the Foundation.

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I talked to ticket office Friday and was told tickets would be in our account this week.

Hmmm, so we just park anywhere we want for the exhibition games?

Yep, those were his exact words to me, first come, first serve. I’ll be in Muss’ spot on Sunday.


They are cutting it close on tickets this year

I recall that being case a few times before.

Looks like the tickets are back in your app again, although not where you can load them to your wallet.

Yes , mine showed up , but can’t transfer them to wallet, either

You will get an email from the ticket office when they are ready to be downloaded to the wallet.

Or, just looking in your app. My email saying they’re available has always come after the tickets were activated in my app.

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I just checked Razorback app, it shows i can transfer it to apple wallet, but when I try to do it , nothing happens anybody else having this problem?

hmmm. Mine just have the word “transfer”. It doesn’t have anything about saving to Wallet or google pay.

Mine just started showing the apple wallet, I just tried again it shows it is downloading but nothing happens