Basketball Officials

Who can you find out who officiated Wednesday’s game? It would be nice to track trends.

Amazes me a billion dollar conference employs part time officials who fly in from Dayton, Wilmington, or wherever to call a game.

Pony up and employ real officials.

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The SEC employs exactly zero officials who only call SEC games. Same with every other conference in the country. According to, which does track officials, there are zebras who have already worked nearly 60 games in NINETEEN conferences this year. Which makes it a full-time job, just not in one league.

Oh yeah, no college conference pays enough for it to be a full-time job with them. Big conferences like the SEC pay $1000 or so per game. Two games a week for 20 weeks won’t do it, which is why refs work multiple conferences. Even the Final Four only pays $2000 per game, and they pick the best of the best for that.

Conferences form consortiums with other conferences for official scheduling. For the 2020-21 season, the SEC consortium also included the Southern, AAC, ASun and Sun Belt conferences. So refs who work in one will work in all. (College football also has officiating consortiums).

If you follow HogStats on Twitter, he tweets out that night’s refs and their record in games they’ve worked involving Arkansas. Or you can pay for and get their info (It’s $59.99).

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I remembeer a long time ago, there was a man here in Atlanta who owned a car dealership and was a SEC football referee. In a Georgisa Alabama gsame he made a terrible call which cost Georgia the game. He never got another job as an official.

My point is, I suspect the officials or official from the game talked about now will not be on the floor much longer if at all. Without a crew of full time officials, it is not a perfect system.

Baseball umpires are full time and that ain’t a perfect system either. Same with the NBA.

NFL refs aren’t full-time either. From our own area, the Colemans ran their dairy and called games on weekends. Ed Hochuli’s day job was as an attorney. My guess is they couldn’t have paid them enough to get them to quit their day jobs.

A college basket ball game is roughly two hours of work

Plus the travel time

So for the actual work, it’s $500/hr

Add in travel time (is their travel paid for?), staying overnight, etc, it’s gotta be at least an 8 hour time commitment

Nope. They pay for their own as independent contractors. I have heard of zebras who owned private planes and flew themselves around, but private planes are so expensive these days I haven’t heard that in a while.

I’m finding information now that major conferences have bumped up their pay to more like $2500 per game. And they still have to pay for their travel, hotel, etc.

Agreed, there is no perfect system. I do not like the NFL reviewing so many calls it takes forever to play a game.

When the “command center” doesn’t know the rule, the ref’s or how much we pay them is not the problem.

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The old adage…

You get what you pay for



MLB umps start out at $150K and can bump up to $400K with experience. Which probably still isn’t enough given the number of games they work and the relative importance.

For example, today’s zebras:
Mike Nance, our record is 49-23 in games he’s called
Patrick Evans, 24-24
Don Daily 7-3

I have read that in power conferences top tier refs make as high as $2500-$3000. a game but they have to cover their own expenses out of that. To which I say that’s a bunch of bunk! Pay their expenses for crying out loud. Good grief. Pay them better and take care of their expenses!

The top college hoops officials do not work other jobs any more. They host clinics in the off-season. I do not think they need another job after working 90 to 100 games and teaching 15 clinics. They make plenty.

Football refs do mostly have real jobs. Hoops is a different deal.

A college ref said the top 50 refs all make $300,000 or more. They don’t have other jobs.

I would not want to work a college basketball game. I see it different than the guys with a whistle. They would fire me quickly.


When Arkansas shoots 11 FTS and Baylor shoots 23 somethings wrong. This has been going on for years! I watched the TN Texas game and it was night and day difference pretty even in number of fouls. So there are good officials and those like to blow their whistle. If an official is making $300K they don’t need a second job.

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Get some shooters. It’s simple from where I sit. They make it tough on sagging defenses that avoid fouls. And they tend to make their foul shots.


I was correct in TN Texas game Texas shot 17 FTS while TN shot 23. I call that fairly even.

Texas shot a lot of foul shots late. Tennessee had three fouls in first 16 minutes of the second half.

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I have a wild concept, instead of being conditioned, taught, played, whatever you want to call it, to have indifference for unfairness of how games are called, everyone expects road games to be called bad, or different, …why? We expect players to adjust or overcome the refs on the road and not play any different than home. Graham said tonight it’s the road we expect it. (When asked about huge difference in FT’s) WHY should he expect it? Why shouldn’t he expect to get a fair shake? It would be nice if one day every game was consistently called Fairly every time. Crazy I know. Heck, we even are taught conditioned or played… whatever you want to call it, to make excuses for the unfairness, But until then I would love the shooters to go with the indifference.


Graham drew six fouls. Best on our team. But he could have drawn 10 and it would not have mattered. He was 0 for 4 from the line.

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Yes, it was discouraging that he missed terribly on four foul shots, but not sure that free throw percentage comparison fully addresses the question of what some saw as inconsistent officiating. My main concern was what appeared to be a disparity in how much contact was allowed when we took the ball inside versus when they drove the ball. Seems there were numerous plus one opportunities for Baylor when contact seemed far less significant than no calls on our end.

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