basketball musings

I have not posted much the past month. I am not one to share troubles, but as some on here know my wife of 32 years has multiple sclerosis, severe scoliosis, and we found out December 14th she has breast cancer. I am her caregiver. Important things first and my first responsibly is to take care of her to the best of my ability. We still watch everything Razorback related, destined to be hog fans since birth. Still read the boards and having stepped back from the board a bit posting wise, thought i would offer some musings on our basketball team, coach, this board, etc. I am not sure how much i will post in the future, and I am sure that will elate some.

I love the debate on this board until it gets personal. I find it amusing, that the majority of ones that get personal with vicious attacks on other posters are the ardent Mike Anderson supporters. Both sides can get down right nasty at times it seems, but i know in my case there are a few that take it to a nasty level. Probably my fault, in my case, for i can get snide and downright critical of what i see at times. However i have lauded with it is deserved. Why i decided not to post during games anymore. Sorry if I have offended some.

i don’t think there is anyone on here that doesn’t want Mike Anderson to succeed. i say this because we have a moderator that uses the word hate on here for those that are critical of Mike Anderson. I don’t think there is anyone on here that hates Mike Anderson. Disagree yes, critical yes, HATE NO. I do ask myself at times, after reading most all of the posts, do we have Mike Anderson fans first, razorback fans second? I will state emphatically, I am a razorback fan first and foremost. i will support the program first no matter who is the coach. Am I happy with our basketball program, not at all, but trying to be patient.

Watching games, seems there is indecision from the players. A product of youth. That should get better with time. I hope. Confident, no.

Recruiting: seems to me we have some good athletes on the team, but some not so elite basketball players. When i hear Anderson talk about recruits, he talks about athletic ability, long arms, deflections, defense which are all good things, but the object of the game is to put the ball in the hole. We seem shorthanded at times when it comes to scoring. I do agree with the poster that first and foremost we need to recruit better shooters. I will add high basketball I.Q. also. Arkansas seems to be producing its fair share of top notch basketball talent. Yes we have lost some elite players to other schools. The next one is coming up, Moody. Wonder where we are with him? Hope he comes here, we need him.

Free throw shooting. Wish i knew the answer to this, but we are better that what we’ve demonstrated so far, i hope.

Question: Do you need to press to be an uptempo team? i watch a lot of basketball and i see few teams pressing like we do, yet they seem to score at a pretty good clip. Does it hurt our half court defense? Now I am not being critical of pressing, I am just curious is to why i see so little of it in todays game.

Anderson seems to have a history of early season conference slumps. Wonder why that is? I’m not being critical, but just a question, a musing. Yes we are young this year but it has also occurred with some of our veteran teams as well. Have no clue as to why, just another musing. Do most teams have this problem. I am sure every teams except the elite have slumps, but why do ours occur at same time each year i wonder?

Do top players today want to play in the system Anderson runs? This year we seem to have end of game struggles, defensively, free throw shooting, etc. Are our players tired and not able to execute? Do today’s players want to press most of game? Don’t know, just thinking about it.

8 year tenure. Just ask yourself this. If someone asked you for approximately 20 million in salary over an 8 year period, and you have 3 NCAA tournament appearances, only 2 wins, one NIT appearance, 1 win there, no conference tournament championships, no outright regular season championships, would you be satisfied with that… That is 10mm per NCAA win? Would you say yeah, I would be satisfied with that?

I am glad we do not cheat in basketball, cudo’s to Mike Anderson for running a clean program.

I applaud Nick Saban for adapting to the change that has taken place in college football. Have we adapted to how the game of college basketball is called and played today? We very will might have, I do not know, is it talent on the court or scheme? Wish i knew.

We have a good point guard in the assist area, but cannot shoot consistently from the field or free throw line. Really hurts at times to be limited. Is one dimensional good?

Sills and Simpson have had one strong half of offensive scoring to my recollection. Good defensive players, hopefully that is youth being served. We need them to come on, see indecision above.

An eyesore under the present staff is the 4 position during his tenure. Why isn’t Chaney starting? Yes he makes mistakes, but he now has more ability that either Adrio or Gabe. Yes seniority should count for something, but love this kids attitude, hustle, and basketball smarts. Speaking of smarts, teams know to lay off of both Adrio and Gabe because they can’t shoot. What the heck are they doing outside anyway? What is the deal on Henderson. Gotta admit i saw this kid play in high school numerous times and never figured out why he was so highly rated. Even at Parkview he was often not in the game at the end of close games. I wonder how this will turn out, i hope good. What did Nolan say about a pup?

What has happened to Joe? Love this kid, but he is going through a funk right now. I hear Scotty is working with him on driving, attacking more. He doesn’t look happy right now.

i wonder if Anderson is ever let go, who will be the first poster to say, well you Anderson haters got your wish. Woe is us. If that day occurs, the nastiness on this board will be unbearable. Side note, hope it doesn’t happen, because that would mean we are succeeding at a high clip.

Why do we defend screens the way we do? Got killed yesterday by the high pick. We’ve done this for 7 plus years now.

Basketball is just not that fun right now. i should know better than to have high expectations going into the season.

Another poster asked, have we progressed, developed so far this year? Have we? i see some but i also see regression.

Another board has a poll on whether Anderson should be fired or not. Overwhelming on the percentage. You can guess which side it leans. i bring that up because some argue that is not most silent fans. Only fanatics post on boards. Call me a razorback fanatic. i just know from the people i hang with, the vast majority are very disenchanted with whey they see at games or on tv and are not happy at all.

i know the announcers laud our crowd, but it seems quiet to me. Unless we are making a run. Why do we have to get down big to make a run? I guess I’m an old Barnhill guy. Crowds seem almost unenthused at times.

oh well, know that was a long post, most probably won’t read which is fine. Thanks to those who keep it civil on here. We all love the razorbacks, no need to get offensive, but i guess we are all human and have our faults, me included for sure.

Prayers for my wife please.

Go Hawgs

p.s. we have disagreed at times, but want to applaud Mr. Dawson for keeping it real

Razorwill: You have my deepest sympathy for your wife’s illness and what you are going through. I pray that treatments will help her to recovery and you the endurance to care for her. I too had a similar situation a few years back when I cared for my wife in bed for a year due to motorcycle injury.
Regarding basketball, you expressed a lot of my thoughts. As you said we love Arkansas basketball first. The coach is secondary. If he succeeds, no point to complaint. If he doesn’t and you express your thoughts, then you shouldn’t be attacked or labeled a hater. Attackers have created a sense of censorship here. Last year I referred to our program as “Mediocre”. I was toasted and roasted but good. I have decided to stay in the sideline. Let this thing work itself out. If Anderson succeeds, I want nothing better. If he doesn’t, then after three coaches and nearly 20 years, back to square one. Prayers to you and your wife!

Excellent post. My prayers are with you and your wife.

I will most certainly keep you and your wife in my prayers.

Regarding basketball and Mike–what an excellent post. You hit on many of my feelings and concerns.

Great post (I’m an MA fan).

Prayers going up.

Was the poll on Hogville? If so, take it with a grain of salt.

You, your wife and family are in my prayers.

As always you ask good questions and make good points.

I wish I had answers.

Like you and your wife we love our Hogs and always wish the best for the team and our school

Blessings and prayers.

So sorry to hear about your wife will be praying for her and the family!

Man, that was a really good post. I wish the best for you and your wife. Your post could have been written on behalf of a lot of us. It laid it out there without being vicious. Thoughtful and truthful. Thanks.

poll was on rivals, i don’t go to hogville often, just at rare times.

and thank you guys so much for prayers and thoughts. we need each and every one.

A thought provoking post. Thank you for taking the time to explain your love of the Razorbacks first. Moreover, God Bless you and your wife; I’ll put her on our prayer list. GHG!

Prayers for you and your wife Razorwill.

Prayers for your wife and yourself, this group of guys that post on here disagree often just like any family does at times, but I’ve seen time and time again they lay differences aside and send up prayers for those in need. We don’t have to agree with each other but we do need to care for one another in troubled times as that makes us who we are ! WPS

First and foremost - Prayers for your wife, you and Family. May God Bless all.

Next - Your post was 100% correct in all facets & your questions circle around in most all of our minds.

I hope these youngsters turn it around at some point and just play the game similar to how they did to start the season. Use their skill sets and talent without over thinking and/or over reacting. The only youngster that seems to get better is Chaney and in time he will be our next stud.

Moody needs to be a Hog & we should be able to land him, plus a few others out there that can replace some dead weight on the current roster.

Here’s to better times soon.


My best to your wife.

As for your little snipe at me, I call it as I see it. If you rip MA (or CM or BB or anyone else) every time something goes bad and give us crickets when things go well, you’re providing what the lawyers would call prima facie evidence. Want people not to think you hate MA? Try being a little even handed.

Razorwill: I am new to this board having moved back home to Arkansas from Missouri. What you describe as problem areas for this team have always been characteristics of Mike Anderson teams. It is not just this year. His teams have always had trouble controlling the dribbler and give up way too many drives to the baske uncontested. They never rebound well on offense because of poor floor balance and poor shot selection. They are poor defensive rebounders because they can’t control the dribbler and when the defense breaks down they fail to rotate to get the offside rebound. Even if the opposition misses the open shot they usually get a put back. When the hogs have tried to pressure full court, not token pressure, they give up a ton of layups and other wide open shots. Last but not least, his teams are seldom good from the free throw line. The only explanation there is that he does not recruit good shooters. Good shooters make free throws from junior high on up. The fastest 40 thing is a joke. Oh yeah, have you ever heard what he says during time outs? Nothing to help the team score or to stop the other team. He just says “we need some stops and need to score. His big word is “energy.” We need more energy. I have to wonder what they do in practice because what they do in games is like the community cub basketball.


I forgot. Prayers to you and your wife. Puts things in perspective.

You just described accurately what we have known all along. Nothing can be done about it. It must run its course for better or worst.

Dear swine, I thought my post was even handed. I have few answers, just questioning what I see at games and on tv. And the post I was referring to, I did not make a post in that thread. You were referring to someone else. But in essence you were calling many on here haters that are brave enough to question the current basketball coaching staff. And then face the wrath I spoke of from a select few on here. I’ll stand by what I said, I see no Anderson haters on here. I see a bunch of Razorback lovers. I like the debate, don’t like the personal attacks. Sorry I offended but to call me a hater, well that is a personal attack. I made the post for debate purposes, and questioning things I don’t understand. Just a friendly post. And thank you for the prayers.

Razor - I have prayed for you, your wife, and family and will continue doing so. Your basketball analysis is spot on. I agree with at least 99% of your comments. I don’t mind opposing views, and actually enjoy different perspectives. What I can’t stand, or understand, is why some act as though individuals are trying to destroy the program if they disagree with a certain opinion. Best wishes!

Very nice post. My father had MS for years and I understand and I wish you and your wife the best.

As to our program, like everyone, I want the greatness and high expectations I remembered from the 70s until around 2000.

Mike deserves credit for running a clean program and doing enough to make the program stable and competitive.

But we are not reaching potential befitting our history or what I might offer a very patient and great basketball fan base deserves.

Thanks to Mike’s stability of program, the program can market itself much better to college coaches than during those dark days after coach Richardson.

I hope it doesn’t come to that as Mike is program DNA and we want him to succeed.

But at some point, the program has to demonstrate more chip on the shoulder as Dudley has put characterized recently.

Does Mike still have the fire and hunger to be a top national program? Only he can answer that.

Kids are young this year and will have ups and downs.

It’s just a shame that Mike’s long run in the NCAAs was not at Arkansas in his eight years with us as yet.

If Mike isn’t burnt out and wants the job and is motivated to be at the top of the college basketball world, the product need reveal itself before long for everyone’s sake.