Basketball minds: How good of a coach is Calipari?

Not that I really care or that it really matters. I’m just curious. I don’t know enough about the Xs and Os of basketball to know.

Given his recruiting prowess, it seems to me like he should have even more wins and titles than he does.

He’s the #1 recruiter, but I’d take Self and several others over him any day - and that’s not even considering his personality.

I find him to be a very good coach. Yes he does it with great talent but it is 18-19 year old talent that he gets to buy in and play together year after year. Kentucky always has great defense which makes offense much easier.

I am of the opinion that turning the one and done into two and through will help Kentucky. They will still sign great classes but they will be there two years. Learning each other for a year before being thrown straight into the fire.

Consider his rocky rotten past. Will do anything to win and is stuck on himself.
He is a underachiever based on the talent he has now and in the past!
Complains all year about all the mistakes are making. The program recruits for him and promoted by ESPN. From thier practice games the blue vs gray or white.
They play most all of thier games in prime time and in front of national audiences. Look on line and you will see that some teams only get that exposure when they play Kentucky. To get the real idea of the coach for who and what he is look up what he did at U Mass and Memphis! Get in a chat room with fans from both programs and the light will shine!
His name is Greaseball “Cal”.
Last week on ESPN NBA scouts made reference to former Kentucky players as being spoiled! Also noted that with such talent how is so many of them rarely make the playoffs. Or win when they get there.
His pregame speech was shown on TV Sunday where he told his team he did not care if they play fast or slow. What direction would indicate to you. He is spineless.
He had a news conference when Notth Carolina State fired coach Mark Godfrey and said now we are firing head coaches in the middle of the year. Coaches have it put in your contract if they do this it will cost 3 million dollars! Now it represents all coaches. He has nothing to do with what any college business is!

Calipari is as good as most at the X’s and O’s. He’s just not some uber-developer of players. This myth that he’s making exceptional value-added contributions to players in one season that gets them into the draft is complete bunk. He’s taking kids that would be lottery picks out of high school, renting them a year, and then taking credit for getting them into the lottery. Heck, Johnny Jones got Simmons to the #1 pick. The spin is all a smokescreen to explain how he signs so many. If one class doesn’t move on quick enough, such as the Harris twins, the following class is ill served. Booker is a future high-end NBA All-Star that played 21 minutes per game at UK and got drafted later than he should have. He lost money by going to UK.

Calipari puts a good defense on the court every year. However, it’s easier to put a good defense on the court if you have size, speed, and strength advantages at most positions.

I have always been impressed with his ability to get kids with minimal interest in the college game and with one eye on the Association, to buy in and play the defense they do every year.

niels is right though, it is easier with the talent he has. But I have never watched a UK game and seen a questionable effort. I guess the bench is quite the motivator when there’s another 5* waiting in the wings.


You two sure nailed it for me.

I’ve noticed over the last few years, Calipari’s personality has changed during interviews. He’s trying to act like there is nothing unusual about the constant flow of one and dones through his system. And, now he’s trying to be funny during interviews. And, the sports guys are giggling like school girls. Geez.

The guy has pulled a fast one on college basketball. IMO

Agree with you. What has always impressed me about Cal is his ability to get 5 to 6 high profile and highly talented 18-19 year olds to play as a team on both ends of the floor. And most of his players, who were used to be scoring leaders on their HS team, seem to share the ball as a team and play to win as a team. I say “most” of his players because there have been some exceptions such as Archie Goodwin and at times I believe Monk has shown a tendency not to play team ball.

So, I respect him as a coach of the players, but I have serious issues with his recruiting tactics and his integrity.

One way to judge if Calipari is all that as a coach is to look at his coaching tree. Most coaches with this many wins have produced some viable college head coaches. Calipari’s tree is more a testament to Roundup than genius. The best of the bunch is probably Pastner, who only spent one year with him. Lute Olson has more claim on Pastner than Calipari, not that Pastner has been a huge success to this point. The only place that Calipari’s tree has exploded is at the unemployment line.

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I think that is a poor metric. Eddie Sutton and Bobby Knight’s sons couldn’t coach a lick. I wouldn’t hold that against them.

Possibly Cal is a good enough coach that he doesn’t need X and O guys on his bench, but would rather have bag men.

I absolutely LOVE Devin Booker’s game and think he’ll be an All-Star/potential superstar as he gets older and has better teammates, but had no clue he had the all-around, developed game he does because of him essentially being a spot-up shooter at UK. Obviously a lot of NBA teams had trouble pinpointing that, too. If only he could have dropped another spot, he could’ve been on my Thunder instead of picking Cameron Payne. Who knows how that could’ve changed the course of events.

Comments: I’m not hating on Self but I think he is giving more credit than due. Self at Kansas has won I-NCAA men’s college basketball title, and 2- final 4 appearances. The Univ Kansas previously has 2 NCAA titles and 12 final 4 appearances. I see Kansas as an institution where a coach doesn’t have to recruit just select this university is rich in basketball tradition.

I see what you’re saying. It’s just hard to argue with 13 straight conference titles, no matter how much tradition you have.

I wasn’t talking about just blood relatives. Sutton mentored Gene Keady and Bill Self.

Knight coached and mentored Coach K.

Not all the assistants are going to be stars, but most of the great coaches have produced one or two.

How does KY have so many one & dones but doesn’t get penalized in the “AR” rating I think it is called? Wasn’t that one of this issues with the Razorback program when CMA took over that he has addressed and fixed? I’m sure there is something I don’t understand on how the rating works?

No doubt he’s a good coach but not a great coach in my opinion, Ky expects their team to be at least in the sweet sixteen every season if not your seat gets warm quick. He reminds me of the old used car salesman who knows all the right answers to the questions. He’s been a great recruiter everywhere he’s coached and had some very good teams,but not sure if it was because of his coaching or in spite of his coaching. He always says fans have no idea how hard it is to coach the one and dones and have to start all over the next season with new players, yet he continues to recruit the one and dones, seems he is his own problem. Off that subject for a moment, read a bunch of messages from Ky fans talking about how classless the Hogs fan were this past weekend for the way we talked about their team and coach. All this comes from a fan base that continues to wear T shirts that say “I Hate Christian Lattener” really !! and they want to call us classless ! WPS

The fan bases that have no class are the ones most obsessed by it. Example A: Alabama football. We just saw example B.

Great recruiter/salesman. Average to poor X & O. It was so funny when he was at Memphis & said he had invented the “dribble drive” concept!

It’s my understanding that players who go to the NBA somehow do not count toward APR.