Basketball Jones

Anyone here have a Basketball Jones?

Ms Pav says I’m suffering from the affliction and need professional help.

I say why? Just because I watched the Lady Razorbacks, Monmouth and Illinois, Troy and FSU (FSU sucks by the way) and Houston v ORU ( Vanover second leading scorer for ORU) doesn’t mean I have a problem.

Yes it does says Ms Pav. Scheduling an intervention with professional help.

Surely someone here can speak in my defense. Off to watch UCLA and Norfolk State.


You resemble that remark

Creighton beating Holy Cross. These dang Jesuit schools should be banned from ESPN.

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Just tell Mrs. Pav that it’s better than crack and find a way to expense it as billable hours.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well, Pav, remember that the most important asset in dealing with such situations is sincerity. So devote yourself to learning to fake that before you start the following approach:

I would start off by explaining very carefully how much moolah she will have for shopping when you , due to all this bracket knowledge you are researching, rake in in huge payoffs in the spring (placing great emphasis on the multi-millions of dollars and fame that a perfect bracket will bring).

If she doesn’t get the connection immediately, it is imperative that you stress that the path to this goal can be reached only through perfect knowledge of every play that leads to this nirvana, and that such knowledge can only be gained through incise study of how each player on each team develops throughout the year.

Having the undoubtedly well-earned suspicious mind of a married woman (and I speak with 57 years of married bliss behind me, so trust me), she will likely counter with the irrefutable fact that not all these teams will be in the magic 68. You, of course, will patiently explain that every team is qualified until they aren’t and therefore you must assume that all of these teams will make it into the dance.

This would also be the first opportune time (of probably many, over the next few months) to suggest that the two of you go dancing next weekend in an effort to distract her from the subject at hand, as she will spend the rest of the week shopping for a new dress, shoes and accessories, not to mention her laserlike focus on hairdressers, manicurists, and toe gropers. Shortly after you set that whirlwind in motion, you likely will have to remind yourself of the relative importance of watching all the basketball you crave over having a viable bank account.

Good luck!

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PAV, Not to worry, soon technology will have the ability to bluetooth / live stream games straight from the airwaves direct into your mind without turning on any device. All in living color, split screens, without delays, etc. She will never know, if you can contain your emotions.
Recommended not to drive during such events tho.

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Or take one of you Tesla’s :red_car:

I’ve always got a basketball jones. Love to watch it, love to play it, love to sing about it. I don’t currently have a dog, but I do have a basketball. That basketball goes everywhere I go. That basketball is like a basketball to me.

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