Basketball is like our football season this year

Pre-season hopes are high, then lose badly at home and routinely HOUSED on the road.

Questionable effort from players, questionable coaching.

Questionable personnel issues-we all questioned why CBB wasn’t playing certain people, and last night I couldn’t find gafford anywhere in the first half.

At about the 15-15 point in the first half, Gafford goes to the bench…FOREVER…and the game was immediately out of hand. I wondered if he went to NBA already. And that’s when I started thinking how much this basketball season reminded me of football this year.

At least basketball had a VERY successful non-conference season. And mike’s players play harder than CBBs seemed to. and MIke’s recruiting is better.

And we all saw Mike turn it around last year to a decent end of season.

lets’ hope he does again, cuz watching this team right now is PAINFUL.