Basketball is a funny game

Saturday we handed LSU their first SEC loss on their court. Tonight we dadgum near handed the Modores their first SEC win on our court. Glad we survived.

Vandy came closer to beating the #1 team in the country than anybody since Kansas beat them in November. That’s not a bad team, and if that 5-star kid were healthy they’d be a really quality team.

Vanderbilt is a scary team to play because their record is very deceptive. As you said they almost beat Tennessee, they are probably the best team under .500 in the country, they got players, they play hard on the defensive end, and they can shoot the ball. Glad we survived, but man we gotta play them again at Vandy on senior night, Toye is going to try to go off, we better be prepared.

It is a funny game. Tonight is was a scary funny game!
Vandy is a good team. Better than their record suggests. Nonetheless, they were still an 0 and 8 team. In this league, you better take every team seriously. I think Tenn.
took them lightly and found themselves in a dog fight. We we won. We were in a dog fight too.
You have to come out every game energized and ready to play. In this league, if you don’t, you can get beat!
Like I said before, every win at this point is a a very good win! WE WON! Very good win!
Go Hawgs:bangbang:

It doesn’t have anything to do with who took whom lightly. Arkansas can’t get most of its starters off the court for more than a token breather.

Vanderbilt’s bench beat ours like a drum. We need more of our players to rise up and get it going.

We just can’t play a game unless the fans are close to having a heart attack.

The first 15 minutes set the tone for the night. We didn’t resemble the Hog team that played the first 15 minutes of the LSU game. Defensive intensity and focus were missing. We came out full of ourselves after beating LSU and saw an easy prey who were 0-8 in the SEC.

Hopefully winning a game this way will be a blessing in disguise. This young team may see that they have to be totally focused and playing defense with great intensity to beat any SEC team, home or away.

Gafford and Joe were great tonight, and boy did we need them. Mason Jones had one of his poorer games, but I was still glad it was him at the free throw line, up one with 8 seconds left. I was confident, the worst outcome would be overtime if they hit a miracle 3.

Bryce Drew is a really good young coach. They lost Darius Garland, a projected #7 draft pick as point guard and wrecked their season. They are not real talented, but they kept plugging last night. I hope they get a couple of conference wins before the season ends.

Toye will not go off unless we go to a zone. Mike made a major mistake up 10 late in second half by going to a zone. That is when Toye went off, Mike doubled up on the mistake by having his starters out during that time, resulting in a dead period on the offensive end. A perfect storm for a run.