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Did any of you notice that last night the ACC lost all 5 games to the Big Ten and Duke lost at home for the second time this year to a Big Ten school. But, as usual, the ACC will get a bunch of teams rated that are no better than the Razorbacks. Oh well, we can at least laugh at how overrated these teams are. Virginia Tech only lost by 20 at home to Penn St.

The ACC is looked as the SEC of hoops.

I think it’s be transitioning. I could be wrong but I thought big 10 had most teams in March madness year before last and was headed that way again last year.

The SEC is a very good basketball conference pretty much top to bottom. The ACC is a very good basketball conference pretty much top to bottom. But the ACC has won 5 National Championships since 2009 (Virginia last year, UNC twice, and Duke twice) while the SEC has only won once since then (Kentucky), and the ACC has had 3 of those championships since Kentucky won (one each by UVA, UNC, and Duke) . The SEC also has some legit teams that are not named UNC, Duke, or UVA. Florida State was the best team last year. So I think the ACC deserves to be ranked higher than the SEC based upon recent history.

Now is the SEC underrated a bit and the ACC overrated a bit? Possibly. Maybe even probably. And are SEC programs that are now more under the radar than they should be (like Arkansas) capable of beating ACC teams? Definitely. But is the ACC rated over the SEC solely because of bias? Hogwash (and I say that as a Razorback fan)!

I know that, but we’ll prove them wrong if Coach K doesn’t influence enough other coaches that it is time to shut it down. When your team is down that’s the easiest way to avoid looking bad on the court especially when you’re supposed to have another great recruiting year.

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