Basketball Hogs start the season off right!

These Hogs beat Bucknell by 28 pts…already impressive considering Bucknell just lost today at #9 North Carolina by only 93-81. I think this is a tourney team potentially better with a higher ceiling than last season’s team when “focused”. and Samford lost by 39 pts to the Hogs scoring 56pts…they lose to LSU two days ago by 19 pts but put up 86 against LSU’s defense

Depth is probably an issue right now. Plus Macon had an off game last night. MA corrects the issues in the last 4 mins I think. Impressed by this team although I think they are slightly overachieving right now without Thomas and Cook.

I expect this team to make the tourney this year and quite frankly I expect coach A to get our team in the tourney every year. I’m sure coach A expects the same thing. No reason he can’t coach this team to at least 20 wins. IWPS