Basketball Hogs hosting 2019 PF

Dericko Williams is on an official visit and will be at the Indiana game on Sunday.

July story: … isit-hogs/

Richard does it appear the staff is looking to replace Garland’s spot? I didn’t think they were taking another 2019. The young man looks like he has spent his time in the weight room.

I think we (Dudley, Clay and myself) have been trying to be respectful and truthful about the situation while not giving false hope.

I’ve always thought they would add 1-2 more in the spring. Williams could be a late addition during the early signing period or might wait until spring. I can’t say either way right now.

Here’s what I saw of Williams in Vegas. A guy that will fight you tooth and nail and has a nasty streak. In other words he’s very physical.

He’s a guy that won’t score a lot other than around the basket, but could be a very good complement to Chaney, who I see being more of a scorer.

Gotta say, got a bit excited when I saw the thread as different possibilities rumbled through my head. Then I saw the name and was like :roll:

Let’s hope this is a courtesy visit and he just wants to come here for a good time for a few days. Already have too many of these kinda guys on the roster.

Funny thing was I went to a Razorback Club meeting this week and Coach Z talked about how the biggest needs right now were players who can shoot and offensive ability.

If we are ever going to return to an elite team, we have to have more players who can put the ball in the basket.

Our championship team was full of guys who could flat out shoot it. And it wasn’t just 2 or 3.

It’s like Coach K said in the ESPN documentary on his current team. He said he expects every player to be able to hit the stand up 3 point shot. In fact, he said in order to play, you have to hit it.

Last year’s Villanova team. Lots of guys who can shoot it. Not just a couple.


I agree, that’s what I’ve been disappointed with thru the first two games, some of our guys aren’t shooting as good as I had expected.

But, they’re young and I expect them to get better.

IDK Lynn. U have to replace Gafford and that guy looks like a Jordan Bell clone. Perimeter 4 and 5s that shoot the 3 like Nova did last year are few and far between.

I know it’s highlights, but this kid looks good.

I think he would be a good fit, I like his fire energy and physicalness and athleticism, but we still need another big that’s physical to go with him and Chaney. Gafford is going to leave a massive hole to fill.

You are limited with the amount of official visits that you can have.

There are no courtesy visits.

I like the kid. I would sign Hill, Williams and Franklin and figure it out.

True. Those guys are usually only available in the Fall period and we really missed on that. But there should be some good juco/grad transfer options that should be available in the spring.

This guy is just more of the same that we already have IMO. We dont need 3-5 spots being used on undersized big men that can’t score.

Courtesy visit was me joking. They already have too many of this kind of player. We also don’t need another guy who won’t be able to help for 2 more years. If they go for a player out of high school I’m hoping for McCreary who is much more developed offensively.

Really low production from Williams in the EYBL. Seems like a big risk to me.

Lack of visits for our biggest home game of the season is a bit disconcerting. Game is on a Sunday afternoon, kids are out of school tmrw, perfect weather yesterday. Seems a big opportunity to host a bunch of kids, have them out to MA’s place for a BBQ, take in a big name matchup, was missed.

Wendall Moore was the No. 18 player, Isaiah Wilkins a V. Tech signee, BJ Mack a S. Fla signee, Keyshaun and Kobe Langley UNC signees. Not saying he’s going to be a big scorer, but only so many balls to go around.

He would add toughness inside which is something Arkansas needs. He and Chaney would compliment each other.

There’s several more visitors.

Boy you ain’t kidding. Avg. 4 and 4 through the summer? This staff lol.

If you look at the rebounding issues we have and have had for years getting beat on the boards it seems like all of you would welcome a banger who would fight for rebounds and loose balls. If the young man would compliment Chaney it would be a bonus.

Who is Franklin?