Basketball Hogs get first 2018 commitment (quotes added) … mits-hogs/

Nice! RD, I know you got to see the Hawks play. How would you describe Joe’s game?

Also, what’s the chance you think we land all 5 guys from the Hawks (Joe, Sills, Perry, Henderson, Hill). We already got 2 of them.

Good questions! Just beat me to it.

Also, will Stokes be the next one of that group to start getting attention?

There was some thought that Joe might receive an offer today on his unofficial. It obviously happened.

Joe is a 6’2 SG that can really knock it down. He’s pretty slight of build right now. But, can certainly fill in from here.

I really liked him when I saw him in April. He played really well last weekend at the Adidas championships. I think CMA is filling the shooter void that will be there in the 2018-2019 season. Joe can be more than that, but he’ll add immediate value as a shooter.

Razor, what kind of ranking you think he ends up with?

He’s a little hard for me to project at this point in time. I’ve also only seen him one weekend. Need to see more.

I assume Ingram meant Joe is better at 16 than Macon was at 16 and not that Joe is better than Macon right now?


Isaiah Joe - who is a pure shooter - is better as a junior-to-be than Daryl was as a junior-to-be.

Daryl came along as a senior - when he was the main guy - and then flourished after putting in the work in JC.

He is not better than Daryl is now, but you wouldn’t expect that of somebody four years older and who has played at a higher level.

At this moment, I think Arkansas - who already the pledge of Hill and now Joe - will offer and get Sills and will get both Henderson and Perry.

There are six scholarships available for 2018 as Thompson, Beard, Thomas, Barford, Macon and Cook are all juniors.

All these in-state kids - in both the 2017 and 2018 classes - have expressed a desire to stay together and elevate the Razorback basketball program back to its former level.

I think we will look back and see that a lot of these guys fell into place because of Bobby Portis, his decision to stay in Arkansas, his speech about getting to the NBA from Arkansas and the fact that Daniel Gafford started the ball rolling.

Very exciting.

Dudley, I hope you’re right. CMA probably will be on a very hot seat if this season doesn’t go well. :wink:

Right on the mark Dudley

To piggback off that, I was listening to Nick Mason on periscope yesterday. He said Sills will be the next to commit. He sounded pretty confident in it. Also, sounded confident in Henderson committing early as well. Henderson has also got 4 crystal ball picks to Arkansas on 247 in the last few days.

Sorry, just saw this.

Very good outside shooter, high energy guy on defense, can take defender off the dribble and go to the hoop, can play the one if needed but mostly a two, good athleticism, very good basketball IQ.

Stokes definitely has a shot, but I suspect it will be next year before Arkansas would consider extending an offer. He shows flashes, but needs more consistency.

Before we declare that Portis speech totally worked, I would like to see them get a recruit that Caliparri wants.

For the record? I have said that on here as well

Yea no doubt I know you’ve been talking about us adding those guys for a while. Wasn’t trying to diminish anything you said or insinuate I didn’t believe you, just thought it was interesting Mason’s sources were hearing that as well. I follow all of you guys on twitter, always good IMO to hear what different media/insiders are hearing about recruits.

While we are talking in this thread about 2018 recruits. one of the players that is seeming to be counted by some for that class is in fact not in that year’s class. Hill will be a year later, 2019. So even if Arkansas gets 5 Hawks, they really will have 4 for that class.