Basketball Hall of Fame

I guess the name to be change to Hall of Shame. Pittino and coaches like him need to be removed. Or this another sham in sports. If Pete Rose can’t get in the Baseball Hall of fame for his playing career then Pittino sure don’t veiling period.

Rose gambled. He didn’t cheat. A better comparison would be Barry Bonds, who cheated his way to 762 homers. Bonds might eventually get in, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Bonds never tested dirty, not saying he didn’t but fact remains he never tested out.

Sounds like a Giants fan… Bonds’ head didn’t get three sizes bigger because he lifted weights, put it that way.

Am a Giants fan, and I believe he did, just stating that he never tested positive and they went after him as hard as the FBI is going after College BB now

The Bonds, McGuire and Sosa saga even if they never tested positive will keep them out.
Rose should get in. Gamble on games. As a coach should not keep him out in my opinion.
Pittino doesn’t belong in any hall of fame. His career started in a scandal and ended in a disgrace a day after he was so shocked and knew nothing.