Basketball gold for USA

Kevin Durant scored 29 points and USA beat France 87-82. It’s the USA’s 100th medal of the Tokyo games and 32nd gold. Still have some work to go to catch China’s 37 golds but 100 medals is easily the highest total.

Bam Adebayo and Devin Booker (both UK) were the SEC reps on Team USA. Khris Middleton played for the Aggies pre-SEC.

In the three Olympic finals that KD has been part of, he has scored 30,30 and 29. Triple gold medalist.

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A good thing that 7’2" beast for France missed over half his free throws. KD is nearly impossible to stop. He really is a threat from everywhere on the floor and he shoots a high percentage of free throws. He is 6’12" according to him. I wouldn’t disagree with him. The team seemed determined to win this game. France has a really good team.

US should never lose a gold metal…


Durant is just impossible to stop. He may be built like a stringbean, but he is so fast and agile for a giant. He is about as talented a player as I have seen. Unguardable.

Perfect word, unguardable. Holding him to under 22 would be considered a good defense on him. He is a blast to watch, his grasp of the game is well above most NBA players. His three point shooting is smooth and confident, and you better go out on him or he will cut you up. He sure moves well a 6’12" guy. I was hoping he would get at least 30, but France realized they HAD to make someone else beat them and I think he would have got 35-40 if they hadn’t turned up their approach to limiting him. He is the poster picture of a skilled player that is a serious threat to score from all three phases of the game.

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