Basketball Early Signing Period

Are all of our current commits planning to sign in the early period? Thanks in advance.

Pinion, Ford and Dunning will sign early. I plan to ask Jordan’s parents. Last time I checked with Smith, he wasn’t sure.

Thanks, hope they all sign early. I’m always nervous until the LOI is in,


It’s two-edged, if they don’t sign early, someone else might take their slot. I’d be focused on Muss’s team making the final eight last year, and playing the best against Baylor. Pretty dang good, and quick, resurrection of the program.

me too, D. and the more stars, the more the drama, it seems.


I don’t enjoy the drama! The hat thing don’t impress me.
The early signing period is nice and I hope they all sign early! This class can get better! The class ranking is only part of it! I hope the instate players continue to choose our hogs!
The hogs just need time to gel this season and let’s hope they finish strong. After last seasons deep run I hope they can success again in March.


Derrian is signing at 5:03 because the 3 always represents One God, One Faith, One Baptism


Walsh’s dad said Jordan is working on a date and time to sign.

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I’m going to see Jordan play on Tuesday.

I’ll see if he has an update

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