Basketball donation changes?

I found a thread from October '21 on this topic, but am asking for more info.

At the game this past Saturday I was talking with the couple next to me about donation levels to the Razorback Foundation for men’s basketball. This couple told me that the minimum amount for our seats ($300 per seat) was getting ready to experience a very large increase. We are in section 117 on row K (9th up from first row). These seats have been in our family for over 25 years.

Yesterday, I asked the kind person that I spoke with at the RF when renewing my pledge about this, and they indicated that they had no knowledge of an increase.

Can anyone enlighten me in regards to this topic?

Thanks and GHG.

They are definitely changing the parking lots, BM donors will be pushing out some for the closer parking lots. As to changes to the donation level for seating, I’m told it’s two years away, longer if they do a redo of BWA.

I think another hard sellout season will do the trick.

Success has a price. . . I upped my donation a couple of months ago.

I expected they would. I bumped mine up also

Even with a hard sellout, I would expect the new and improved BWA to reduce seating capacity somewhat to accommodate more premium seats, whether that’s more suites or a club area or whatever. Which is not going to make some people happy.

Thanks for the helpful replies.

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