Basketball arena trivia

Found this looking up an answer for Quora.

Everybody knows that the Carrier Dome is the largest on-campus arena in college hoops, capacity 34,000+. But Carrier is also the Syracuse football stadium.

So my question is, what is the largest on-campus, basketball-only arena in college hoops?

The Bud

Survey says – nope.


I agree it’s Rupp

Nope. Wrong for two reasons: First, Rupp has been downsized from 23,000 seats to 20,500; they took out bleacher seats in the upper deck and put in chairbacks. Second, Rupp is in downtown Lexington, not on campus.

Louisville’s is pretty big, but that one may be downtown.

How about UNC?

We have a winner!

Louisville is indeed downtown. Rupp is only like a mile and a half from campus but it’s still not on campus. Georgetown, UNC Greensboro, Villanova and NC State also play in large (i.e. bigger than BWA) off-campus arenas.

Largest on-campus, hoops only:
The Bud
BYU (19,000; used to be listed as 22,700)
Ohio State

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