Basketball 2022/23 futures betting

There’s been a little movement in these Consensus odds to win the National Championship in the last month or so.

There seems to be a clear top 9 teams in the betting (All based on a $100 bet):

  1. Gonzaga - 910
  2. NC - 980
  3. Houston - 1010
  4. KY - 1040
    (small drop to)
  5. Duke - 1400
  6. Hogs - 1520
  7. -tie Kansas - 1540
  8. -tie UCLA - 1540
    • Baylor - 1600
      (larger drop to)
    • AZ - 2100

Hogs are 6th if you look only at MGM and Caesar’s, or looking at the consensus. A couple months ago we were in the 7th to 8th range. During that same time, KY and Houston have been moving up a little while Duke and Kansas have dropped a little.

Glad I got mine at 1800, Larry. Did you get the same number?

No, I screwed around and only got 14. Just bet a hundred. I checked it a few weeks ago and Caesar’s had dropped from 18 to 16, so I thought, maybe it would move back to 18, but instead it dropped down to 14. Dumb.

Dang it.

Going to be there for NFR in early Dec. Would not surprise me if some shine is gone from Hogs right about then. Hope to get a bigger number then. Will see. Not all places will take that bet after the season starts, but some take it all the way up to the last night (OF COURSE ODDS DROP WAY, WAY OFF BY THEN). Still, it will be interesting to see 1 Dec. Heck, I hope we blow through Maui and the other Nov. games and odds are low. May not bet that, but had rater the Hogs be winning.

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