Basil Shabazz vs Treylon Burks

As H.S. Seniors which one is the most lethal on the Gridiron?


Not even close to saying Trey is in that league yet.

IMO, A better comparison would be Shabazz to Eckwood.

HS senior, gridiron only, as you posed, for me would be 1. Eckwood, 2. Shabazz

HS senior, overall athlete would be 1. Shabazz, 2. Eckwood.

Just my 2 cents.

And I would agree, Burks probably doesn’t belong in the conversation with either. Shabazz and Eckwood were generational HS athletes on a national scale.

Yeah I agree athletically none of these WR recruits are close to be that athletic Dmac and Eckwood the only ones in that league IMO

Treylon is a great, great player.

But Basil was a legend.

They may not be their equal, but I don’t think I would say none are close.

Basil Shabazz Jr is on OBU’s roster. I’ve heard nothing about his level of play.

freshman as a TB, TE, WR, LB, or safety.

Reminds me of DMAC in that regard, that part of me can’t wait to watch him score TD’s and part of me would LOVE to watch him crush dudes as a safety.

Either way, I’m thrilled we are getting this guy, he is the type of guy we need to start winning the SEC West. Soon!

I’ll hold comparisons to DMAC, Eckwood, Madre, Basil until I’ve seen Treylon in a Hog uni, I"ve just not seen enough hs games to judge.

I will say that Eric Mitchell and Keith Jackson and James Rouse and JuJu were all fun to watch when I was in school.


I’ve asked a few old high school football coaches. Shabazz is the best they ever saw.

Hey I will be stoked if any are Close to Shabazz who had world class speed.

I agree with the above post. Eckwood for football. Shabazz close in football but best overall athlete I ever saw in Arkansas.

My question on Shabazz is this. When he quit minor league baseball and came back to PB to play for the Golden Lions, what happened? Why did he not run all over the SWAC?

He was fast, but did not like the contact a RB would take. Had one huge game on TV against Texarkana as a football player. Great trackster and a good baseball and basketballer. Does not take to contact does not a great football footballer make.

I don’t know what happened at UAPB, but Shabazz did not even start. He had very little playing time there. I also thought he would
dominate but he did nothing. Not sure if he was hurt.

As good as Treylon is as a wide receiver, I think he would be an even better outside linebacker, like the great athletes you see at LSU and Bama at linebacker. He plays great for Warren at linebacker and safety now. Great athlete with a frame that could easily add twenty or more pounds and never lose a step. One blessing of the wide receiver class that we appear to be getting is that we may can shift one or two to other positions if they buy into that. The same can apply to our very large defensive end group. I can see Clay growing into a really good offensive left tackle and Miller into a dominating offensive guard. JMVVVHO

Interesting thoughts and I agree he is a very good defender, but I think Burks will be where he needs to be - at WR.

He was still shaking off the rust a little bit, but getting playing time on defense and as a punt returner. The talent was still there, he just needed a little more time. I believe it was in his 2nd season he suffered a neck injury during a game and was advised not to play again or risk being paralyzed.

I went to school at a conference rival, so I got to see him play a few times in H.S. I was at the Texarkana State Championship game and he was a MAN among boys, and Texarkana was the undefeated #1 team in the state. He had an Amazing game.

Here’s a really good video of him by Channel 7.