Basically More of the Same on EM via Nevada Sports Net … ands-today

Pitino, McCaffery, Musselman, Alford Id’d as potentials…True/False :sunglasses:

[quote]But Arkansas is, at minimum, a mid-tier SEC job worth exploring. It’s one of the 50 best jobs in the nation.

The other 3 listed candidates aren’t bad options.

Meh…West Coast Writer.

So that article says that it appears we went to talk to Richard Pitino, Fran McCaffery, and Steve Alford. Those don’t sound very good at all. Those are all guys with very low ceilings here. That is, they are the kinds of coaches that might get you to the tournament and maybe win a game. Musselman has a much higher ceiling and would be a much better choice than those guys.

LOL, I suppose you’re right!!!

Just kind of hurt to see the “top 50 jobs in the country” jab being thrown out there.

The plane also stopped in Reno per this article. Steve Alford and Musselman are good coaches. Don’t know about Little Ricky or the guy from Iowa named after a girl.

A couple of things that stand out to me:

  • We don’t know if that plane from Springdale has any connection to the Arkansas job. It definitely appears like it could be related, but I wouldn’t put that in a story as an absolute fact.

  • If that plane has an association with Arkansas, it appears the writer is concluding it must be stopping in those cities to speak with the coaches of the teams there, which might not be the case. For instance, there are lots of coaches in Minneapolis this week for the Final Four, many of whom arrive before the convention begins.

I learned that “Iowa is located in Iowa City” from reading the article. :oops: :roll: :smiley:

Pitino’s kid?

Oh Lord :?

I’d rather have Kelvin Sampson.