bases loaded one out and get nothing

can’t afford to do that especially with the way they are swinging the bat…we may look back at that and regret it.

Not our day. Hope we salvage the series with a win tomorrow.

game not over,if we can somehow get one up in that jet stream like they have anything possible…bullpen today has been awful lot of pitches left in the heart of the plate.

Stranding men on base is not good.

Even a non coach like me knows that much.

Not a very good day for Nesbit. Very surprised DVH had Opitz pinch hit for Kenley and not Nesbit

I think the hogs need to stop getting themselves out! Poor AB’s in big spots.
I hope Plunkett either sits or PH’s he was really bad today.

I’m not a fan of plunkett either… he sometimes gets lazy behind a plateand will strike out more times than not at the plate.

That ball that allowed the K victim to reach first was just lazy! His throws to second base were lazy! His AB’s were lazy. I would not play him at all! He has had chances and has shown little motivation. Play a freshmen and gain some experience for next season.
Between his lazy play behind the dish and his strike outs he doesn’t impress me at all.
I wonder what scouts are seeing in him.