Bases Loaded Landing

I just bought a ticket to Friday’s game on the Bases Loaded Landing. It was a little glitchy, though, since it kicked me out after choosing that ticket three times before finally going through. Anyone interested in a game this week might want to check pretty quickly.

I’m taking my 11 year old son and 2 grandkids this weekend to the hog pen. They want to get a home run ball! I hope they get lucky! My son wanted to go for his birthday that was on February 5th.
I thought about taking all of them out of school and taking them to the Omaha game but my wife and oldest daughter wouldn’t go for that. I guess grandpa is too soft in his old age.

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That is a neat place to watch a game; much better view than from the Hog Pen, in my opinion. But then again, I’ve never been up close to the wall in the Hog Pen. I’ve only walked through toward the back.

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Sat there the first weekend. It’s awesome!

He loves the hogs. All sports it don’t matter. Baseball, basketball or football.
He even watched the SEC golf tournament with me the past few years.
I just want the kids to have good clean fun!

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