Put LSU colors and the uniform look on Fayetteville High School baseball team and they would probably take us 2-1 in a series.

SNAKE BIT. Blinded by the ghost of opossums past.
I feel like in the last 10 years they play us like we are
their practice dummies.

My two most hated schools for baseball are in the
SEC finals. I may have to take two hot showers Sunday

I hope their bus breaks down on the way to the ball park tomorrow and they have to walk. Just before game time there rain that last until dark and fog set in. It would be nice for LSU and Ole Miss to still be playing during the selection show Monday.

I hate them both—in just about everything. I think there’s a Bible verse somewhere that compares both LSU & OM to the devil. If not,I think it makes it okay tohate both of them.