Baseball updates..thanks!

Just wanted to thank Clay and BH for their coverage of the baseball games. Great job, both of you!!!

I will not be at Columbia. Just a head’s up on that. I love to do the updates, but I don’t go on the road until post-season play. I am taking a couple of days off this weekend to get ready for spring drills. I’m excited for that.

Thanks, Clay!
For a second there, I thought you were going to say you were taking time off to go trout fishing!

I’m not going to Columbia either, I’m going to Fort Worth to a dog show. I do plan to listen to the game (or watch on my iPad). I will try to do updates on Friday and Saturday, but I expect to be driving home on Sunday during the game.

Of course, if the weather forecasts hold, there may be no games on Friday or Saturday. :o

Thanks BH!
I really appreciate your and Clays updates.
Wow, on the weather. I didn’t realize there was potential for bad weather. I live in Jax. Fl. Not bad here!

So, if there are rainouts on Friday and Saturday, doubleheader on Sunday?

The game on Friday has been moved to Noon. I’ll be on the road then, so no updates from me.


I certainly appreciate any time you post updates. I can check in between classes. Thanks so much.

Hogs up 5-0 in the fourth inning on one of the premier pitchers in the SEC. WPS

4th inning. Rain delay.
Hogs still up 5/0
I wonder how this will affect pitching, on both sides, depending on the length of the delay

My guess is that both pitchers are done.

They are going to try to get started again in about 10 minutes.

Ark. 6
No. 2
6th inn.

6-2 in the top of the 6th.

Ar. 7
Mo. 2
Middle 7th

9-2 final. Knight came back after the rain delay and got the win. Taccolini was our only other pitcher and also threw very well. Spanberger had at least 3 RBIs.

Thanks everyone for doing updates. By the time I got to the dog show building, unloaded, and got the dog bathed, the game was over.
Nice win Hogs! :sunglasses: