Baseball today?

Anything official yet?

They will attempt to play beginning at 1. Gonzaga does not fly home until tomorrow so they have all day to try to play.

It’s not raining now.

According to AccWeather, it showed rain at as late as 12:00. No rain was forecasted for 1:00 thru 4:00.
Hopefully we can get most of it in.
Of course you know how right, or wrong, weather forecasters can be.
Go Hogs‼️

The field is in perfect shape and you can play in rain. Light rain does not stop games. Slick conditions stop games. I suspect this one will be played.

It has pretty much quit for now.

I’m excited to see how Bolden does today! Play ball!

I’m just a tiny bit skeptical about today’s game. the Zags have a good team and some good hitters. We are better though and that’s why I’m just a tiny bit concerned.
I’m just not as confident about today’s pitching against this team. We could come in and pitch lights out, but not sure how Bolden will perform. I’m praying he will do well today.
Of course, I realize we have been through theirs best pitchers, and I know what our offense is capable of.
I just really want to sweep this series!
Go Hogs‼️

Way to go Hogs‼️Great sweep!!
Denton coming in and getting 3 k’s was a very big deal!
Moore is outstanding!

Is there a poll that stays updated on wins and loses through series play instead of updating once a week?

Nope. Polls require that people vote. They’re not going to vote on Saturday morning and Sunday morning too.

D1 Baseball has a scoreboard on its site updated daily and a D1 Digest which also allows you to follow some key series. Here’s the digest of Saturday’s games.

Thx bud, but I was referring to y don’t they update the win/lose record during the week of each game

I’m probably late in answering the OP, but, yeah, they played the game yesterday. We won 9-5.

(Sorry, I just thought I’d enjoy posting the score again.)

At some point, the RPI indexes and the faux index ratings will update every day. Warren Nolan, Boyd’s World, etc.

Warren Nolan is updating every day now. BTW we’re #2 there, behind only NC State, which is also 7-0. Florida is only 12th despite the Miami sweep.

Merrimack is #3 (???). They’ve played Oral Roberts and Michigan State so far, both currently top 30 RPI teams. I’m willing to predict that Merrimack won’t stay top 10 for long, even though they won the series from Sparty. Of course we play @ Sparty in April.

He wanted a site for records. He will find them there and more. All of that info will provide more perspective in time.

Thx for info.

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