Baseball ticket ?

I will be in town the weekend of supers for a work conference.

If we win the regional and host a super what are the ticket options? Will it already basically be a sellout? Can I get 2 if I walk up? I’m just trying to plan ahead. I took my son when we beat Missouri St and we had a blast.

You can get Hog Pen if you line up early.

From a post to season ticket holders:
[quote]If you need more tickets, All-Session Hog Pen tickets are $75 and on sale now. There are no reserved seats left for sale.

Ya. Long lines are an issue for me. I wonder if there will be tix on the secondary market.

Nothing yet on StubHub but wouldn’t surprise me. The good thing about lining up for the Hog Pen (I have issues with standing in line too due to my back surgeries) is you don’t have to stand. You need a folding chair out there anyway. Use it in line. Everyone else does. Once they start selling tickets it moves fast.

The line before Game 3 of our last super:

I saw the Hog Pen tickets for sale on the Razorback website. Is that for both Regional & Super Regional or just Regionals?

Regional only.