Baseball seat

So, it turns out that I will be able to keep my baseball seat after all. Daddy has been gone for 13+ years, but he is still taking care of my Razorback habit. Thanks Daddy!!


That’s awesome Marty!!

Good to hear!!
Good things do happen to good people!!

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Very, very happy to hear this Marty. True, long-term fans like you are the core of what DVH has built. I expect to see you in that seat every time I am able to make it to Baum-Walker in future years.

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Good for you Marty! Even though I was named the fan of the century a few years ago, I won’t be able to keep my seat or continue attending games except when a friend invites me. Many of us who endured cold and rain will be gone; the big money folks won’t endure what we did for the love of the Razorbacks. I expect the same thing will happen in Men’s Basketball seating before too long. I’ll be an enthusiastic fan via TV when games are televised. GHG!

“Fan of the century?” Can you provide more explanation?

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This was a contest about 12 years or 13 years ago. Fans were able to enter the contest when they attended different sporting events. I did not live in Arkansas at the time, but was able to enter the contest online. I was named the Cyber Fan of the Century. We were recognized at the spring football game and treated to a pre-game BBQ. The awards said “100 Years of Razorbacks”. It was a rainy afternoon, but we were still recognized on the field. We were given bags of Hog clothes. I think this was the year the University changed from Adidas to Nike and I remember boxes of clothing for sale in the concourse. The prizes included season tickets to several sports and a motorcycle if I remember correctly. I was going through some Hog memorabilia recently and found my name tag from the event.

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