Baseball scrimmage Saturday

Scrimmage announcement

The article mentions that the dates for the Fall World Series have not yet been determined.

How late do they plan on scrimmaging?

It doesn’t say, but the practices that I’ve been to this year have taken roughly 3 hours.

I was there for the whole scrimmage. My thoughts…

Luke Bonfield is in mid season form. 4-4 at the plate and just looks the part of an SEC 3 hole hitter.

Chad Spanberger hit a rocket out to RC. He looked more comfortable. Hopefully his success this summer will carry over for him.

Jake Arledge got pegged in the shoulder. Scrimmage rules put a runner on base to penalize the pitcher but the batter still gets to hit. He hit an absolute moon shot into the LF bullpen on the next pitch.

Grant Koch looked good. He hammered a double into the LF corner. We need him. There are only 3 catchers on the fall roster with Alex Gosser and true freshman Ben Bailey the others.

Weston Rogers looked good. He has a chance to really help the team.

Freshman pitchers Jacob Kostyshock and Jackson Rutledge obviously have stuff but they were knocked around a little bit. The freshman I was impressed with was Angus Denton. He drops down and comes from the side and just looks filthy. I’m not a great judge of talent but I think that look would be tough coming out of the pen.

The hardest hit ball of the day may have been hit by freshman Jordan McFarland, a line drive about 390 to CF that was caught. Physically he looks the part.

I was there with my son and didn’t take notes. I’m just going off of my memory which is not what it once was.

Thanks for the report! I didn’t manage to attend.