Baseball schedule is out...

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Interesting . . . no S. Carolina, and no Florida this season.

Reminds me of the frequent years in football when Alabama plays Vandy while we get Florida or Georgia. About time we got a break.

Not to say that I like to play weak schedules, nor that this one IS weak. Just nice to NOT be the team playing ALL of the ogres in the conference while the teams we’re jockeying for position with have easier slates. It had to happen sooner or later . . . although someone in the SEC office will probably get fired over this “mistake” . . . lol!


No surprise, but it’s a tough schedule. By my count Arkansas will play 26 games against teams that made the NCAA Tournament last season, including nine of 12 games on nonconference weekends. Rhode Island was a solid replacement over Pacific. Given the timing of Pacific backing out, picking up Rhode Island - and getting it at home - was huge.

One other thing to note: There is no game on Easter Sunday next season. I think Arkansas may have asked to have that series (Georgia) moved to a Thursday-Saturday. Attendance is always low for that Sunday game.

The last time Arkansas didn’t play on Easter Sunday was 2009. The Razorbacks have won all seven games since on Easter.

Interesting. I know that the Pac-11 (Colorado does not play baseball) does not play on Easter nor on Mother’s Day.