Baseball rules question

Somebody on Quora asked if it was possible for a run to score on a triple play. My initial instinct is yes, in a scenario like this:

Bases loaded, no out. Fly ball caught by the centerfielder. All three runners tag up and try to advance. The runner on third reaches home safely. The runner on first is tagged out trying to go to second, out two. The runner on second overruns the bag at third and is tagged out after the second baseman throws behind him, out three. But because it wasn’t a force play and the run crossed the plate before the tag at third, the runner on third’s run counts. Am I correct?

You are correct.

Yes, it’s the same thing as if it were a double play without a force

You see that fairly frequently

Yes you are correct the Run score before the 3rd out.

As long as they are not force outs, the run counts. So I say yes.

Clay is correct. If a tag is involved anywhere on the play, a run can score.

You could actually have a triple play on a ground ball and the run score. Bases loaded and ball is hit to third, though not sharply. Third-baseman steps on third, then goes to first for out #2 because he can’t get runner going to home or second because they had a lead. Runner that was on first rounds second and subsequently gets caught in a rundown between second and third.

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