Baseball roster for spring

Any idea on players that may leave at semester?

Give it about a week or two and there will be some players moving on you can almost count on it.

I’ve been told Matthew Magre will not be back. I’m not sure if he is transferring or just focusing on school.

No players have entered the transfer portal. I’m not sure if there will be any because there were only 44 in fall ball, mostly newcomers.

Ryan Ward is in the transfer portal. He was a freshman infielder from California.

He was originally committed to Arizona, where his late father played. He committed to Arkansas not long after Jay Johnson left Arizona for LSU.

Jude Putz, an infielder who redshirted last season, is in the portal.

Easton Swofford, a freshman infielder from Bee Branch, is transferring to Crowder College.

Ward wasn’t here long. Homesick? Lack of prospective playing time?

I predict we add 1-2 more players before 2nd semester.

Sounds crazy, but college athletics are crazy right now.

Nick Moten is in the portal.

I’m not sure why he left. He did not play during the two scrimmages vs. the Rangers, so that tells me he was probably not going to see the field much, if at all next season.

It would surprise me if Arkansas added any players at semester.

Have we ever added somebody that late??

Not sure, but I think Jess Todd got to Fayetteville at the start of 2nd semester several years ago.

He ended up being one our best pitchers.

Robert Moore came in at the semester before the 2020 season.

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Oh ok

Left high school a semester early to do it.

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