Baseball rescheduled

Game vs Florida-TAM loser in Hoover now set for 9:30 am tomorrow.

That assumes three games get played today.

Which isn’t safe. I will not be surprised (and probably would prefer) if they drop double elimination. Which would send us home. I’d just as soon Noland, Wiggy and Tygart get a week of rest at this point.

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Assuming three games are played today, there will be four games Friday, four games Saturday and one game Sunday.

The teams that win Friday’s early games would play elimination games early Saturday, and the semifinal games would be played Saturday night.

I’m with you Swine. We need to go home, get rested and get some extra practice time. Just because we may end up a 2 seed in Stillwater, we can still go on a hot streak. Seems like we have had some recent success over in Oklahoma.


We have won Regionals in both Norman and Stillwater in the past.

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D1 has us a 2 seed in Texas

Coach Van Horn might be the only one that needs to go home and get rested for next week (although I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s in the dugout tomorrow morning).

The Tournament Will most likely follow the schedule outlined by Matt. 3 games played today. 4 tomorrow. 4 Saturday.

Players need to play their way out of any slumps. At this point, it’s more likely that game success, instead of practice success, will dictate how we finish the season. Tired arms can be rested in Hoover if necessary, but position players need game reps.

Texas A&M 6-0 in the 6th looks like we’ll be facing the Gators they have pitched about 6 guys today

10-0 now in the bottom of the 6th they are killing the ball 4 home runs they’re about to run rule the Gators

I think a single elimination that sends us home immediately wouldn’t bother me at all. I think our host chances are gone, so might as well rest some arms. About the only way to salvage a host spot is to win the tournament and I’m not sure even that would do it

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They’re going to get three games in tonight probably because the Texas A&M just Run ruled Florida and Tennessee and Vanderbilt are about to start at about 5:45 so LSU and Kentucky shouldn’t have any problem playing tonight so we will play Florida at 9:30 in the morning

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