Baseball regional projections

Some of these websites having Arkansas as a 8 national seed and Georgia not at all are a joke!

RPI yesterday had only three SEC teams in the Top 8. FL, AR, and Ole Miss. GA had fell to tenth. They’re 9th as I posted, but Stetson, who many says are out, are #4 as of the time of my reply. So, it’s possible GA is out.

If those sites are correct, it’s good we didn’t go 0-2 in the SEC. I can’t believe we’d be as low as 8, though. Regardless, I’d think UGA deserves a top 8 seed. The only reason they wouldn’t is if the committee is reluctant to give the SEC 4 of the 8.

Which they shouldn’t be since they did it back in 2016, when the SEC (4) and ACC (3) took up 7 of the 8 national seeds.

When do we know the actual seeding? They used to name the regional sites on Sunday, but I don’t recall if they named 8 national seeds then or not. Will give us the order of 16 top seeds today or will that come tomorrow when they fill in the regional spots?

I believe its Monday at Noon.